Monday, June 12, 2006

A Missionary Message Acts 13:13-41

In these verses in Acts chapter 13 Paul shares with the people in Antioch the History behind Jesus coming and Impact his coming can have on their lives. This chapter reminded me how important it is that we as Christians have a History. We are standing in the history and activity of God since the beginning of time. Jesus is not some new age spiritualist with a divine revelation that changes how a few people see God. Instead Jesus mark a point in time when God enters our history in Human flesh to open up the Kingdom of God he had been actively creating since Adam and Eve chose against God's plan A.

I believe it is important for us to know the History of God's activity in the world. It helps us understand what he desires for us now and in the future.

Much has been added to the History of God's people since Paul. It would be good to reflect on what our 1 minute history would include. If you are up for it I would challenge you to pick 4-5 of the following events and write a short history of Western Christianity.

Abraham, Moses, Exodus, Joshua, Samuel, Saul, David, Isaiah, John the Baptist, Jesus, Cross, Resurrection, Holy Spirit, Peter, Paul, Constantine, Council of Nicene, Augustine, Aquinas, Armenias, Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, John Wesley, Thomas Kramner, George Whitfield, D.L. Moody, Jonathan Edwards, Charles Finny, B.T. Roberts, Billy Graham, Bill Hybles, Rick Warren.

Of course the History is not the end in itself, but supports the message that Jesus has opened the Kingdom providing forgiveness and the justification of our relationship with God.


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