Sunday, April 02, 2006

April 2-9 Matthew 6 Investments

The question is not to do good deeds or not. The questions is, are we doing them in order to be seen? When we do a good deed and hope to be recognized and praised by others, God does not stand in the way, but grants our request. We are honored by others, but miss our on the bless and reward of God.

The purpose of giving is always first and for most to meet the needs of the poor and needy. What is translated “deeds” can also be translated “alms.”

It seems silly to us that some who blow a trumpet right before they give something to the poor or help a person in need. We are much more sly about getting our praise now. We have our names written on the outside of the building, and put up plaque to have or deed continually praised.

A second reason for giving is no less important than the first. To treasure God and his Kingdom more and anything else in this world. The act of giving is among the greatest possible expressions of love, character and virtue. It is a loving God who give himself over to humanity, suffering and death to show his commitment to our redemption. By our giving (however, big or small) we being to display that heart and character that has its origin in God. Giving to God’s Kingdom and the poor is a movement of treasure and allegiance from this world to the Kingdom of God.

Giving should not be restricted to money, but should include all “deeds” (ability, time and money).

Comments in two direction might be helpful to discuss.

1. Is the community of Jesus followers (the Church) know for their giving to the poor today? Why? Why not?

2. Can an individual Kingdom member treasure God without giving money to the Church? Why? Why not?

Next face-to-face discussion Thursday April 27th (6:30pm) at the IkeBox


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