Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Matthew 10 Missional vs Missions

Most churches give money to Missions and often have missionaries they pray for and sponsor. Many churches send members on short term mission trips to other countries or cities. Most churches believe taking the Gospel of Jesus out to the world is a top priority. All this being said, most churches are not missional in their approach to life.

Here is a short description of what I think it means to be a missional church: Creating an environment that releases and nourishes the spiritual imagination of people through diverse ministries and missional teams that affect various relationships, organizations, neighborhoods cities, and the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So what is the Big deal?

A compare and contrast of Common Church Life Vs. a Missional Church life

Common Strategy: Attract people to the church building and programs lead by church board and a few select leaders.

Missional Strategy: Encourage awareness and understanding of the cultural environment and people who need to hear God's story. Equip people to engage in dialog, listening and sharing in their own missional life.

Common definition of Church: Come to a building that serves as the center for religious life. People receive teaching, preaching and belonging as religious goods and service. People come to be ministered to by experts through specific programs.

Missional definition of Church: People engaged in their context in relationship with God and each other. People are formed in living a Kingdom life together. They learn skills and habits from each other.

How does this compare and contrast make you feel?

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