Monday, February 27, 2006

March 20-27 Matthew 5:21-48 Be Perfect

In this section of Jesus sermon he speaks of a radical moral purity. Some have considered this teaching to be a call to radical obedience and growth towards Godly perfection. Others have called the teaching so impossible that it must just be pointing us to our sinfulness and need for a gracious and forgiving God.

What do you think Jesus is trying to communicate?

What teaching seems to be the most difficult for people to live out as they attempt to follow Jesus: not becoming angry, not looking on one another lustfully, avoiding divorce, never making a vow, turning the other check, or loving our enemies?

Feel free to share your own observations or ask questions you may have


At 6:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

With great certainty, I feel personally as I read this passage, that God is giving me a call to obedience and expressing his desire for me to have daily growth to becoming more like Him. I do however also recognize my lack of ability to do that on my own, and my need for His strength, wisdom, and definetely grace, mercy and forgiveness go in there too. I am also certain of my aptitude to make mitakes along the way. So, in retrospect, I might say this passage really speaks to both. If I had to choose one of these qualities that I think most often occurs, in general I would probably say anger. Although, for myself, I would lean more strongly towards turning the other cheek. Which is admittedly hard to fess up to even recognizing it now!

At 11:25 AM, Blogger DJ said...

Tolstoy says, “ Though I walk on the Path of God as a drunk, is it any less the path because I stagger from side to side, you must help keep me on the true, path just as I am ready to help you.”

I believe this is a call to what God desires, and I don't want to change that no matter how poorly I live it out.


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