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Finding Purpose Galatians 3

Galatians 3:15-24
Finding Purpose

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Park Illustration:
Imagine being given a park to care for. The owner and designer of the park says, “I am giving the management of the park over to you. Your job is to make the park a beautiful place for everyone who comes to it. The owner says if you have any question just ask I will always be around to give you guidance..

At first this situation work great, and it is actually our children who don’t appreciate the park as much. They don’t know what a blessing it was to be given the park to manage. They are not as comfortable asking the owner for his help and guidance.

Our grand children a flat out disrespectful of the park. They: Break the equipment, trample the flowers and ignore the upkeep of the grass.

The owner becomes sad, seeing less and less people come to the park. The park becomes a dirty and run down place. The owner has a decision to make. Does he kick your family out of the park, maybe bring in someone else, or does he take a little more control. He was holding back waiting for the grandchildren to come to him. He decides to provide more structure.

The owner had some representatives puts up schedules for maintenance, Keep out signs by the flower beds, rules for how to play on the equipment. Those who do not follow the rules are asked to leave the park, and those who do not help with the maintenance are asked to leave the Park.

After a few years the park looked better, but he noticed most people saw the park as mainly a place to work. People didn’t walk on the flowers, but they did not enjoy them either. Most people obeyed the equipment rules, but he didn’t see the joy on their faces like he used to.

The owner could not take it anymore, he desired so much for people to enjoy the park. He decided he was going to take the responsibility on Himself. He was going to come along side every person working and help them, instruct them, provide them with joyful companionship. He decided to walk with everyone through the flower gardens and point out the beauty. He decided to join those playing on the equipment and really show them how to enjoy life and have fun.

This is the story of our lives with Jesus and I drew that illustration from reading the passage in Galatians 3:15-24

Read passage in the MESSAGE VERSION (Galatians 3:15-24)

Abraham had the Promise of being blessed by God to be a blessing to the world.

The law was given as Instruction for what God wanted and did not want in the world

Jesus has come that we might again live in the world in Relationship with God (as children of God) rather then just rule following subjects.

As I process these three things this week I had this recurring thought. How does is effect our lives? What is our Park? Do we all go through this process of Promise, Instruction and Relationship?

First of all we all need to know what our Park is (what is the promise God has made to us).

Promises from the Father:
1. Created in the image of God (imago Dei)
2. Dominion/Responsibility for the Earth
3. A Redemptive Gift/Personality
· Prophet, Servant, Teacher, Exhorter, Giver, Ruler and Mercy

Promises from the Son:
1. Reconciliation with God
2. Partnership (belonging/unity) with God
3. Eternal Life

Promises from the Holy Spirit:
1. Internal Change
2. Healing and comfort
3. Power for living

Now I want to talk quickly about the Instruction God provides for us. I would like us to think about some of the Jobs we have had thus far in life. If your experience is like mine the bigger more demanding the job was the more instruction and orientation the job required before starting.

My first job official job at age 15 was cleaning a grocery store parking lot. The instruction took one day. Don’t blow dust and peoples cars or on People when they are walking, arrive at this time, put the trash here. Watch out for the flowers.

After College I took a job as a Factory shift manager. I had two days of paper work. Computer tests on sexual harassment. I spent 2 weeks following another manager around. I did shifts with every job in the department.

The instruction found in the law is given to orient us to a life in God’s image. With a responsibility for the world. With a Redemptive Gift and personality (with a Purpose). As I thought about this during the week I realized the best situation for us is if we get this instruction on life as early as possible.

Now all of us who have worked in a job know that orientation only gets you going in the right direction and establishes some expectation. You can’t and would not want to have a rule for every situation. There are lots of situation were you simply need to ask your supervisor for help, or make a decision based on what you think would be best for the company. Then you can process it later based on the result.

In our life with God we don’t want to get stuck in ORIENTATION and INSTRUCTION. We want to move on to Relationship.

In review. If you do not know what on Earth you are doing (breathing up the air here). The promises God has made and the Purpose for your life. The instruction found in the law and taught by God’s people seems pointless.

Others can know they have promises and purpose, but lack instruction on how to get the job done?

What Paul is trying to get across to the Galatia’s is that they have the instruction and now they need to get going and trust their relationship with God. Don’t worry as much about the rules as working with Jesus.

From your perspective what would Paul Say to us? And Why?

People of Emmaus…
· Please recognize the promises of God and his purpose for your lives.
· Please seek the basic instructions God has given for your lives
· Please trust Jesus and join him in fulfilling your life’s purpose.


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